This Video Of A Monitor Lizard Being Rescued From The Saudi Desert Has Taken Twitter By Storm


A captivating scene unfolded in a remote desert in Saudi Arabia and quickly took the internet by storm. The viral video shows a monitor lizard caught in a bind, quite literally. The lizard appeared to be submerged in wet sand, struggling to break free.

The heartwarming story takes an inspiring turn as members of the Rahmah Animal Welfare Association, a Saudi voluntary non-profit, step in as the reptile’s saviour.

Witnessing the lizard’s plight, the team wasted no time and embarked on a careful and meticulous process to free it from its sandy entrapment.

With patience and unwavering determination, the team’s diligent efforts paid off. The lizard was finally freed from its sandy shackles. Recognising the importance of providing immediate care, the exhausted animal was promptly offered nourishment and quenching water to aid its recovery.

This awe-inspiring rescue, beautifully captured on video, has captured the hearts and attention of countless individuals across various social media platforms. The outpouring of support, admiration, and appreciation for the Rahmah Animal Welfare Association’s remarkable act of compassion has been truly remarkable.

Watch the video here:

Saudi Twitter in turn, was all praises for the rescue team.


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