10 Reasons Why Trabzon Is Becoming Saudi Tourists’ Favorite Travel Destination


Ever heard of Trabzon? In fact, that was the case for most of us until recently. But somehow Saudi tourists developed an inkling for this small town in Turkey and every other person you meet is talking about how amazing they found Trabzon to be.

So what is it about this town that made it so popular amongst Saudis? Well, there are many reasons for that and here are a few of them.

1. The ticket prices are cheap – sometimes they are as low as SAR 1,000 for a return ticket from Jeddah.

2. To put that into perspective a Jeddah-Dammam return ticket can cost around SAR 800.

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3. For that price, you get to see a place as green as this.

4. Speaking of greenery a plateau called Hıdırnebi Yaylası is a popular spot amongst Saudi tourists.

5. Then there is the picturesque Uzungöl, which is a lake that sits high up in the mountains.

6. Hotels are pretty cheap too. You can get a decent hotel for almost half the price that you’d have to pay for something similar in most other tourist hubs in Europe.

7. Trabzon also boasts of rich history being a major trade center since antiquity.

8. Food is halal everywhere and the food is so amazing that you’d become hooked to Turkish food.

9. Saudi nationals get a visa on arrival at Turkey. So one can just book a ticket and land in this amazing town that sits by the Black Sea.

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10. And, it is so small that you can explore it over the weekend.


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