4 Places In Saudi That You’ll Children Will Absolutely Love And Learn A New Skill As Well


If you’re tired of taking your kids to amusement parks, these places are perfect to fill the gap where your child will not only have the time of his life but will also pick up a cool new skill as well.

1. Kidzania, Jeddah

Not exactly the place for learning a new skill but more of the kind of place where children get to step into the shoes of adults by doing watered-down versions of jobs meant for grownups. They can be firefighters, actors or just plain simple factory workers.

2. Fantasy Stationery, Jeddah

A popular place for birthday parties, children can spend the entire day trying their hands on painting, baking and just making new things that they never knew they could. The best part is that they even allow the kids to take back with them what they made making for perfect memorabilias.

3. Learning Center, Riyadh

There are a whopping 32 courses to choose from, each varying in length. The best part is that there’s almost never a dull moment for the little ones and the center’s got loads to keep them occupied.

4. Color Motion, Riyadh

This isn’t a place where you’ll take your child for a day and he or she will have a good time and learn the basics of a new skill. They offer structured courses ranging from gymnastics to martial arts that can run for months but they’re very engaging and you’ll definitely not be regretting your investment.


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