6 Reasons Why The Eastern Part Of Saudi Is One Of The Best Places To Live In The Country


When we say “eastern part” we specifically mean the tri-cities of Dammam, Dhahran and Al Khobar here.

Of course, Saudi Arabia’s other cities also have loads to offer but those who have lived in one of these three cities would rate it a notch better than the others and here are some of the most commonly cited reasons.

1. Friendly Locals

The very first “expats” to arrive in the country after the oil boom arrived in the eastern part of Saudi. After all, this was the place where all the oil was. Over the years the assimilation of cultures and peoples has made the local populace here more open to change and convivial to foreigners.

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2. Weekend Escapades

Weekend = Bahrain

Extended Weekend = Dubai

For most Sharqawis (easterners) a weekend to Bahrain is a weekend well spent. The idea of being able to be in a completely different country in less than an hour after exiting your home, provided there is no traffic on the causeway is exhilarating to say the least.

3. The Arabian Sea Is Never Far Away

Some of us living in the east get beautiful vistas of the Arabian Sea to and fro the office. In fact, it is on the cornice by the Arabian Sea where many of us go to jog, eat al fresco or just chill.

4. Great Food

We may not have Al Baik yet, but we do have plenty of other amazing food options. Yes, this is something that other parts of the country can boast of as well, but here in the east, we have the advantage of almost always being the place where big international food giants first set shop before spreading to the rest of the country. Case in point: Wendy’s, Jasmi’s and the list goes on.

5. Tickets To Foreign Countries Can Come Cheap

In case you find that tickets from Dammam’s gargantuan airport to whichever country you are heading to are extortionate you can always book them from Bahrain or even Kuwait if you are feeling a little more audacious. You may end up pocketing some pretty good deals.

6. The Roads Are Very Well Planned

Unlike some of the other big cities in Saudi, the tri-cities were built from scratch after the oil-boom. So unlike the others, the cities were designed on the guidelines of modern urban planning from the get go.


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