30% Of New Car Buyers In Saudi Arabia Are Women


The car market in Saudi Arabia is booming, with over 730,000 cars being sold in 2023. This makes the country account for over half of all cars sold in the GCC. That’s an achievement in itself.

But that’s not the cool part—Saudi women account for over 30% of new car buyers in the country, according to the Gulf News.

That 730,000 number is expected to zoom past 870,000 this year! Why? Maybe people are just tired of their old Toyota.

This surge in demand has flipped the script on a two-year dip and shaken off the global pandemic’s supply chain shake-up. And with car sales expected to hit that sweet 870,000 mark this year, it’s clear that the kingdom’s roads are going to be busier than ever.

No wonder Lucid is already rolling out cars to meet the demand made right here in the kingdom from its sleek factory in KAEC.


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