A Pakistani Worker Lost His Life Over A SAR65 Bill And This Should Be Enough To Question People’s Morality


A hardworking Pakistani attendant at a fuel station in the Kingdom was not spared his life in exchange for an unpaid bill worth SAR65. The tragedy struck when the worker chased some younger drivers who fled the petrol station after refusing to pay the amount mentioned. 

The 26-year-old, Mohammed Shamrez, reportedly from Gujarat in Pakistan worked in he Abqaiq governorate as an attendant at a fuel station of the Eastern Province. Saudi Gazette reports that a 17-year-old Saudi and his friends (including another GCC national) did not want to pay for the amount asked and drove away. It was during this time that Shamrez climbed the backside of the car and sustained serious injuries, after the motorist started his car. 

The driver and his friends sped away but the police were able to arrest them and get the justice Shamrez at least deserves. The deceased Mohammed Shamrez’ grieving family back home is being helped by a well-known Pakistani community volunteer, Niaz Munishi. 

The 17-year-old Saudi minor was sent to a juvenile home while the rest accused have been referred to the public prosecution. Shamrez was immediately brain-dead after no-response to the treatment at a hospital in Dammam. 

Despite all this, Shamrez’ family donated his organs for someone in need of a new life in Saudi, as told to SG by Munshi. At the moment, legal formalities are being dealt with by officials while Shamrez’s body is kept at the hospital. 

Many fuel attendants go through this everyday, and as humans with morals, we have to ask ourselves- at what cost?

If you can’t pay a SAR65 gas bill, think of just how beneficial that amount is to someone who works abroad to feed their families back home. Think of the hardships these people must undergo to be able to pay that back when they, sometimes, barely keep any of their monthly salary for themselves. 

Just think.

May he rest in peace.


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