Taking Cues From The UK – The UAE Is Set To Adopt Measures To Battle Impacts Of Climate Change 


Climate Change is the defining issue of our time.

Read the UAE’s statement at the UN Security Council debate on addressing climate-related risks to international peace and security during UAE x UNSC.

Along with that, the Emirates also praised the UK for its exemplary leadership in climate action and for keeping the issue central to the Security Council’s agenda.

The UAE further added that its facing challenges with their ongoing efforts to battle global warming

This is almost 5 years since signing the Paris Agreement and it was also highlighted that “environmental crises are worsening and temperatures around the globe continue reaching records each year.

Droughts, tsunamis, and floods, amongst other climate-induced disasters, are negatively impacting health, food availability, housing, and ultimately the safety of millions of people across the globe. These trends have a ripple effect, potentially driving migration patterns or conflicts due to scarcity of resources.”

Impacts of climate change are being recognized as major contributing factors in conflict and instability

However, “mere recognition is no longer enough.”

The UAE’s statement at the Council’s open debate on climate & security further added that,

“It is time for the Security Council to identify actionable areas where it can contribute to alleviating the negative impact of climate change on global stability and security. The UAE would like to outline four recommendations in this regard.”

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