You Can Now Actually Get Travel Insurance For Camels In Saudi Arabia


Camels in Saudi Arabia can be pricey with some costing way more than even an ultra-luxe Rolls Royce, so like the cars, it was about time that camels have their own travel insurance too. The Saudi Arabian Camel Club has launched just that.

According to the Camel Club, over 1.8 million people own camels here in Saudi. This could well be a world record in and of itself.

Anyway, coming back to the insurance it will mostly cover accidents that take place in transporting camels.


There is a beauty pageant for camels with prize money running into the millions so we might as well have travel insurance for the pretty dromedaries.

Speaking of huge prize money, last year’s King Abdulaziz Camel Festival doled out a total of SR250 million in prize money.

With travel insurance for camels, health insurance for the pricey “ships of the desert” may not be a farfetched idea too.


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