Fashion Needs To Rock When It’s Raining Outside!

Noha Hatata

It’s rain season! Stay dry and stylish, while enjoying the the rainy days with these fashion essentials.

3. Transparent Raincoat for Women:

A really pretty coat with a colourful hem to protect you from the rain. The best thing about it? you still get to show off your outfit.

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Price : AED 69.99

2. Automatic Open/Close Travel Umbrella, Air Blue:

An automatic umbrella in a cute air blue colour that will keep you nicely dry.

Promising Review: “The build quality is good, It does its job. I do not have a long-term usage report since we used it only for a few days.”

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Price : AED 50.99

1. Tommy Hilfiger Kippa Women’s Rain Boot:

A stylish rain boot to walk around the city in style. You’ll love how comfortable it is you’d wish it rains all year!

Promising Review: “I love the red inside these are really nice. Comfortable enough to go on a 1 mile walk with my dog.”

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Price : AED 319.19


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