TikTok Inspo: Must-Have Gadgets To Keep In Your Handbag

Noha Hatata

New helpful gadgets are out everyday, from bag illuminators to A5 bottles. This Tiktoker shows us what we need to have in our handbags, and we love them!

@julianna_claire All of these are so helpful 💗. #amazonfinds2022 #amazonmusthaves #amazonfindsunder20 #amazongadgets #helpfultips ♬ original sound – Julianna Christensen

3. MoChic Flat Water Bottle Travel:

Unique slim book design to fit in any bag and even within your pocket, you can use the extra space for something else. You will Love it!

Promising Review: “A must have for all commuters”

Price : AED 70.68

MoChic Flat Water Bottle (Pink):

The same book like design but with a twist. This silicon edge bottle provides a nice grip on the bottle, with so many colours to choose from!

Promising Review: “Fits any flat traveling bag for business or pleasure without taking unnecessary space!”

Price : AED 158.82

2. A Bag Illuminator:

This is just brilliant! You don’t have to stop for a long time looking for your car keys again.

Price : AED 77.00

1. Safesound Personal Protection Safety Device (3Pcs):

You will never be afraid to walk alone at night with our amazing SOS keychain alarm! If triggered, this amazing device will start producing a loud noise and intermittent flashing light that can alert people around that you are in danger.

Price : AED 151.27


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