The One Where Friends Fans Scored 10 ‘Friends’ Merch For Less Than AED70


Friends being one of the most-watched TV shows on Netflix means only one thing… SICK Friends merch on the internet!!

The American comedy sitcom that has entertained generations of telly watchers is undoubtedly an all-time classic and has garnered millions of fans worldwide with their cutesy daily shenanigans on that orange couch.

So here, from tees and hoodies to mugs and keychains here is a list of some Friends TV show finds that would make crazzyy gifts for yourself or a superfan of the show. Could you BEEE anymore excited?

(Prices are subjected to change depending on the demand of the item).

Let’s take a look at some Friends merchandise being sold for less than 70 BUCKS!

10. Check out these Unisex (Joey giggling somewhere in a distance) Friends Hoodie Sweatshirts

PIVOT this unisex hoddie right into your closet just because (cus’ do true fans of the show even need a reason to collect up on the Freidns merch??)! Buy this pullover/hoodie/sweater on Amazon for AED47.00.

9. Ohhh we got pockets in this one and a sweet deal of only AED25.99 for this Friends Long Sleeve Autumn Winter Hoodie! YAAASS

Another unisex hoodie that you can wear on your day in or for a casual outing where you’re just heading out for a shawarma or chai with em’ squad! Shop it from Amazon for AED25.99.

8. We’ve got them F.R.I.E.N.D.S Round Neck T-Shirt in all colours for the lads! Blue, SALMON, white, black and etc.

Because EVERY Friends fan needs a salmon coloured shirt in their closet. You owe Ross that much. Prices start from AED 30.60 on Amazon.

7. A Friends cotton blend Crew Neck Printed T-Shirt that’s a total head-turner

Hugging on all the right places is this Friends crew cut tee! Casual, cool and sharp. Buy it from Amazon for AED 68.64.

6. Find yourselves an orange couch and spill the tea with YOUR friends with this Ceramic Friends Coffee Mug

A perf gift or a lil self-reminding mug that Friends is and will ALWAYS be your fave show… in the world.

Could you BE spending any more time thinking?? Just buy it from Amazon for AED 13.99.

5. Who doesn’t love a lil sleeve roll and feminine cut?! Ditch the simplicity and for the trendy Friends Summer Short Sleeve Graphic Tee

Pair with denim shorts or jeans and you’re good to go! Look like one of the Friends ‘gal-pals’ in your new-found tee-shirt swag. Buy for AED 63.17 from Amazon.

4. Winter’s not yet over this Women’s Crop Autumn Winter Long Sleeve Printed Pullover will be your saving grace when the temp goes down to 18°C in the evenings

You are welcome. Buy it for AED58 on Amazon.

3. A total STEAL with this Friends Graphic Print T-Shirt for ONLY AED26

Don’t believe us?! Check it out for yourself on Amazon! Sounds like the ideal and budget-friendly gift eh?

2. ‘No New Friends’ ain’t that just the truth?! You tell them Alexa with your NO New Friends Embroidered Baseball Cap!!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 36.99.

1. A little something from Phoebe Buffay to you! Give this You’re My Lobster Keychain to your lobster and let them know how much they mean to you!

If you know, you know! Buy it from Amazon for AED 38.08.