Light Up Ramadan Nights With Bloomingdale’s Chic Modesty (Use LD15 For 15% Extra Discount)

Malak Nazir

All ready for the Ramadan Nights!

Ramadan is here, and it’s time to dial up the glam with Bloomingdale’s stylish modest wear! Whether you’re lighting up the iftar table or shining at a suhoor soirée, we’ve got the perfect ensemble to ensure your fashion game is as delightful as the Ramadan moon. And guess what? With promo code LD15, you’re in for a fabulous 15% off treat on these must-have pieces!

5. Baqa’s Bling Beauty

Imagine stepping out in a blouse and pants so chic, the stars start taking notes. Baqa’s Bow Collar Blouse and Rhinestone wide-leg pants are your ticket to being the evening’s highlight – literally.

4. Leem’s Asymmetric Allure

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Say hello to elegance with a twist! The Leem Asymmetric Neckline Embroidered Kaftan is all about turning heads with its unique neckline and embroidery that whispers, “I’m fabulous.”

3. Baqa’s Dramatic Dress

Ready to float through Ramadan nights like a fashion-forward dream? Baqa’s Embellished Maxi Dress with its kaftan-inspired silhouette is your go-to for adding a dash of drama to your wardrobe.

2. Taller Marmo’s Retro Chic

For those who love a touch of nostalgia with their style, Taller Marmo’s Moon Belted Kaftan brings the retro vibes with a modern twist. It’s sophistication wrapped in comfort.

1. Simkhai’s Gown Glory

Embrace the moonlight in Simkhai’s Long Sleeve Belted Gown, where relaxed elegance meets a metallic glow. Perfect for making every moment magical.

Don’t let this Ramadan pass without infusing it with a bit of fashion fun. Use promo code LD15 to snag these divine pieces at 15% off and make every night a celebration of style. Bloomingdale’s is here to make sure this Ramadan, your wardrobe is as lit as your spirit!

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