Adidas Showed Off Their Stylish New Range In Dubai & You Don’t Want to Miss it!

Noha Hatata

The Supernova latest launching event in Dubai didn’t only introduce the new footwear line but also aimed to shine a spotlight on Dubai’s thriving fitness community and promote a healthier lifestyle. By emphasizing inclusivity and catering to runners of all levels, the event catalyzed individuals to kickstart their fitness journey through running in 2024. With the introduction of the Supernova shoes, Adidas is further aligning with Dubai’s vision of promoting wellness. The brand’s ongoing commitment, including weekly running sessions, aims to encourage residents to prioritize their health and contribute to a fitter and happier community in Dubai.

Tackling the leading frustration for runners – uncomfortable shoes – Adidas introduces its updated SUPERNOVA lines, designed to redefine standards of comfort and encourage runners to enjoy their workouts to the fullest.

The highlight of these revamped models is Adidas re-engineered super foam – Dreamstrike+ – offering unparalleled comfort and cushioning. But comfort isn’t the only focus; the SUPERNOVA line also boasts a range of features tailored to enhance performance.

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4. Men’s Supernova Rise Running Shoes (Black)

Experience unparalleled comfort and support with these sleek black running shoes. Designed to enhance your performance while providing a cushioned ride, they’re the perfect companion for your daily runs.

3. Women’s Supernova Stride Running Shoes (Light Pink)

Step out in style with these chic light pink running shoes. Not only do they offer superior comfort and stability, but their feminine design adds a touch of flair to your running ensemble.

2. Men’s Supernova 3 Running Shoe (Black with White Stripes)

Classic meets contemporary with these black running shoes featuring iconic white stripes. The timeless design, coupled with Adidas’ innovative technology, ensures optimal performance and style on every run.

1. Women’s Supernova 2 TME Shoe (Ivory)

Elevate your running game with these ivory-colored shoes featuring Adidas’ signature 3-Stripes branding. Not only do they deliver exceptional comfort and support, but their classic finish adds a timeless touch to your running wardrobe.

So, lace up in comfort and style with Adidas SUPERNOVA franchise. Don’t let uncomfortable shoes hold you back – embrace the joy of running and elevate your performance with Adidas. Shop now and experience the difference! don’t forget to Use Code KBZ55  and get 10% Off your purchase!

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