Beautiful Henna Cones & Tattoo Kits You Seriously Need To Complete Your Eid Glam!

Noha Hatata

Ready to add some flair to your Eid celebrations? Look no further than these fabulous henna cones and tattoo kits to get glammed up in style! Whether you’re into traditional henna designs or funky modern designs, you can gather with family and get the best-looking henna done at home!



4. ALFAN Henna Design Stickers For Adults

Transform your hands and feet with intricate designs using the ALFAN HENNA DESIGN STICKERS in Roses designs or Beautiful Leaves These templates make the henna application a breeze, giving you stunning results every time!

Price : AED 23.99

3. Alfan Instant Henna Paste Cones

Choose from a range of colours with the Alfan Instant Henna Paste cones. Whether you prefer a rich brown or a vibrant cherry red, these cones are perfect for creating beautiful temporary body art.

Price : AED 24.99

 2. Neeta Pure Herbal Henna Paste Cones

Another brand of amazing Henna, try the Neeta Pack 4-100% Pure Herbal Henna Paste Cones. Made with pure herbal ingredients, these cones are ideal for the best Eid Henna hand tattoo designs.

1. ELECDON  Tattoo Templates

Get creative with the ELECDON Tattoo Templates, featuring 12 sheets of hand-temporary tattoo stickers. These self-adhesive, reusable templates are perfect for kids and adults alike, allowing you to express your unique style with ease.

Price : AED 50.39

Get ready to dazzle this Eid with these fun henna cones and tattoo kits! Whether you’re looking for traditional elegance or modern flair, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Let the festivities begin! ✨🌙