STAHHPP! Get 8 OG Gucci Perfumes For A Fraction Of The Original Price (Starting From AED132)


Gucci Gang assemble!!

Gucci perfumes have been ALL the rage ever since the design house first released their fragrance back in 1974 and the perfumes have been ruling the hearts of lads and lassies alike with their irresistible scents and intoxicating blend of notes ever since!

The high in demand branded perfumes may be a little extravagantly priced for us normal people but with our e-saviour, Amazon, we can now pick and choose from a range of OG Gucci perfumes that fit your individual style (or for gifting) at really, REALLY affordable rates!

(Prices are subjected to change depending on the demand of the item).

So Gucci gang, let’s get scrollin’!

8. Sweet scent and floral lovers, you guys are going to scream when we tell you how much the Gucci Bloom has reduced to!!

From AED455 to AED 276.99 on Amazon… does life get better than this?! We think not.

7. Gucci Guilty Intense by Gucci for women: THIS mis amigas is the REAL DEAL!!

Make the toxifying scent of pink pepper and mandarin orange your signature fragrance with Gucci’s crazy new price reduction. Get it from Amazon for AED 194.88.

6. Can anyone just smell this by just looking at the bottle? Gucci Guilty Absolute you rule our hearts (and our bodies)

Bulgarian rose, cypress, vetiver and woody notes… UGHH Gucci can you not pls! Not sure about you guys but we’re adding this Rosey delight to our carts right away. Buy it from Amazon for AED 281.90.

5. Mingled scents and sweet notes! Smell as good as you look with the Gucci Bamboo by Gucci

This one-of-a-kind scent is one for the ages with its woody Oriental notes and a blend of lily, orange blossom and ylang-ylang! Fainted a lil just thinking about holding this magical bamboo-designed bottle.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 183.63!

4. A local FAVE! With the dominating oud scent mixed with notes of Bulgarian rose and orange flower no wonder the Oud by Gucci for Unisex is a best-seller here in the UAE

An aroma that’s known and loved by all! With the perfume being sold for only AED 165.75 on Amazon, it’s finally time for you to experience all the hype surrounding the Oud by Gucci!

(You may buy this for gifting purposes, but we assure you that you’ll end up keeping the OG Gucci perfume for yourself *wink*)

3. Spice and everything nice with the Gucci Made To Measure

A keeper of a perfume for the modern male! With a fragrance full of anise, lavender, bergamot and orange blossom notes, expect ’em ladies to be making excuses all day to stick around to get another whiff of that sweet scent.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 173.55.

2. Gucci Guilty Absolute: A special fragrance from the designer house of Gucci

Conveying the sense of optimism with its uplifting notes is the Gucci Guilty Absolute, being sold for only AED 174.95 on Amazon.

1. Gucci Premiere: An enduringly musky yet fascinatingly floral fragrance

How can something be so energetic and irresistible at the same time? Well, leave it to Gucci to know how to hit all the right notes just like it has with the addicting Gucci Premiere. Buy it from Amazon for ONLY AED 132 sistas.

*Lovin Dubai cannot guarantee the authenticity of products listed