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The 6 Stylish Bags Every Uni Girl Needs In Her Life

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Time to back to study and we’re getting ready to shop for for some uni fashion pieces that are practical yet on trend!

if you’re looking for the perfect bag, here are The 6 Stylish Bags Every Uni Girl Needs In Her Life


6. A Black functional Tote/Cross Body Bag

This one has lots of pockets and compartments to organise all your uni stuff. It comes in brown and black , will surely look great with most of your outfits

Price : AED 329.00

5. An Ultra Chic Neutral Colour Back Bag

 A bag that looks elegant, yet very practical and will hold all your essentials

Price : AED 299.00

4. A Laptop Tote In Your Favourite Colour:

A laptop tote is a lot easier to carry around, you’d go to your classes easily with with all your other notebooks and pens in just one bag.Bonus point; it comes in so many colours!

Price : AED 131.99


3. A Pop Of Colour Bag:

Colourful bags will add interest and style to your everyday uni outfits. This one is extra spacious and functional, you wouldn’t want to change it.

2. A Sling Bag With So Much Potential

Don’t underestimate this bag! might look compact but in fact will take so many of your essentials if you don’t like need to take your laptop or large notebooks with you.

Price : AED 179.00

1. An Extra Elegant Tote:

This bag in khaki colour will look Ah-mazing on all your autumn / winter outfits! you can wear it from morning to evening and look so stylish. 

Price : AED 229.00


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