5 Refreshing Summer Desserts To Prepare At Home In Less Than 20 Minutes

Noha Hatata


It’s super hot out there! but you don’t have to go out to get a cold dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth. Here are 5 homemade cold dessert ideas that take less than 20 minutes to prepare, and will make both kids and adults happy on a hot summer day!


5. This strawberry flavoured frozen yogurt mix is both healthy and takes no time to prepare and you can use it for smoothies too. Pop it into your freezer and enjoy a fresh cold fro-yo at 1 AM while you Netflix & Chill

Price : AED 112.00


4. Stock on this easy prepare Cherry Jelly desserts , you can add some fruit and cream to upgrade this simple one for kids and grown-ups

Price : AED 6.83


3. This guilt free Simply Delish Keto Instant Pudding will give you the chance to have a sweet treat after a workout, add some cookies or chocolate chips for a tasty twist.

Price : AED 50.00


2. Jotis Sweet & Balance Cream Caramel powder , because who doesn’t love the simple and sweet crème caramel!

Price : AED 9.98


1. Make your own slushies with this ice shaver , and add your desired flavoured syrup or juice 

Price : AED 153.90


Add some yummy flavour with these Time for Treats 3-Pack Sugar Free Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon Flavoured Syrups

Price : AED 143.00