Break Your Fast With These 6 Nutrient-Packed Premium Dates This Ramadan


Break Your Fast With These 6 Nutrient-Packed Premium Dates This Ramadan

The tradition of breaking one’s fast with dates during the holy month of Ramadan has been thriving for thousands of years amongst the Arab community.

Is it even Ramadan if there are no dates?!

Brimming with minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, fibre, magnesium and iron dates aren’t just super tasty but also FORTIFIED with healthy nutrients. So get thyself these 6 delish wrinkled brown treasures and have yourself a sweet Ramadan.

6. Jomara Khidri Dates are the most renowned Bateel variety! They come with a chewy texture and a sweet raisin-like taste, just eating three of these a day can go a long way.

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5. These yummy premium dates with a Pistachio Filling will become your go-to this Ramdan.

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4. Sweet and divine! These Halwani Maamoul Date Filled Cookies are ideal for those who are always on the go and need a quick burst of energy and nutrients (in the form of a tasty cookie) after a long day of work…

Promising review:

“Halwani maamoul is one of the best dates filled cookies. Dates are one of the most delicious fruits for me, so combining it with the cookies is an amazing idea!!”

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3. This box of Premium Nutra Medjool Dates contains potassium, magnesium, iron, and small amounts of protein and fat.

Promising review:

“Often ordered goods appear good but on delivery they present a different picture. I found the delivered product exactly as I found on the picture, shining and moist. Great purchase will buy again.”

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2. Bayara Mabroom Dates are beautiful, amber-coloured dates with a distinct and delicate, not-too-sweet flavour, medium-firm texture and succulent flesh. Plump, moist, and luscious, Mabroom dates are simply divine.

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1. Bayara Ajwah Dates:  A BRILL source of antioxidants, plus Ajwa dates are a soft, luscious with a fine texture, and are cultivated in Madina Tayyiba.

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