7 Gadgets Every Foodie Needs At Home To Make Cooking Easy

Noha Hatata


Enjoy homemade food made professionally for you without hiring a cook! If you would like to make delicious food with minimum effort possible , check these 7 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Cook Your Delicious Food For You.


7. A food steamer that will do all the cooking for you! You can put your veggies, rice, meat or anything and let it do the magic of healthy cooking!

Promising Review: “This for 90 percent of people is all you would ever need as far as steamers go. There are no fancy gimmicks. You place your food in the stackable bowls. Fill the bottom up to the line with water and turn the timer to your chosen amount. Then all you have to do is pour yourself a drink while it works its delicious magic. Brilliant for steaming prepared veggies to go alongside a roast or layering fish and rice. The world is totally your own!”

Price : AED 229.00


6. This professional Cuisinart Ice Cream and Gelato Maker Makes Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, Frozen Yoghurt in just 40 Minutes. All you need to do is just sit back and enjoy your healthy dessert!

Price : AED 1,262.29


5. No more overcooked burnt rice. There’s nothing as convenient as a trusty rice cooker so everyday you can enjoy a delicious bowl of rice with your meals. Bonus: this one comes with a steamer to add some extra veggies.

Promising Review: “Looks great from the outside and has a button to switch it on and off on the left side. The glass cover allows you to get a good glimpse inside bad it looks like a high quality product.
Rice cooks well, doesn’t stick to the floor and it does the job perfectly.
Just got it new but so far it does the job and I like it very much.
Recommended indeed.”

Price : AED 119.00


4. A nice Compact Juicer that will make healthy fresh juice every time you need a refreshing drink without taking so much counter space.

Price : AED 257.42


3. Everybody needs an air fryer! so we can all enjoy tasty food minus the added calories from deep frying. No more standing by the stove to make French fries or fried chicken, just pop them in this Air Fryer with Rapid Air Convection Technology and a Digital Control Panel and get effortlessly delicious food.

Price : AED 349.00


2. BBQ your food at home with no smokes with this Tefal Plancha Electric Smokeless Grill With Lid

Price : AED 189.00



1. Enjoy dried fruits with your granola, tasty dried veggies with your soups and lots of other healthy snacks when you get this Digital Food Dehydrator.

Price : AED 127.18


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