7 Health & Energy Boosting Drinks That Are Also Super Refreshing

Noha Hatata

It’s too hot outside, and if you don’t want to drink your calories then feel guilty after wards Check these 7 Health & Energy Boosting Drinks That Are Also Super Refreshing!


7. Sunfood Superfoods beets & mushrooms is a plant-based powder drink that has Beet, Pomegranate, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maca Root, and Coconut Water. Enjoy this drink while benefiting from a lot of necessary nutrients 

Promising Review: “This is an excellent powder. It is lightly sweet, easy to mix, and honestly tastes pretty good. The beet flavor is mild and clear. I’ve found that drinking a full 12oz of this first thing in the morning can help stave off hunger. I know that’s not the intent, but it is a nice side benefit for me!”

Price : AED 109.08

6. Get your energy up every day with this PureBoost Clean Energy Drink Mix + Immune System Support. This one is Sugar-Free Energy with B12, Multivitamins, Antioxidants, and Electrolytes.

Promising Review: “I didn’t have high expectations for this because it’s made of greens and all of the other drinks I have ever tried made of greens tasted like greens (ie. not good). This blows me away because it has such a good taste. The fact that it’s as healthy as it is with this good of a flavor makes it my new favorite energy drink! And my son agreed that the taste is good as well.”

Price : AED 399.00

5. CUT Metabolism Booster drink for Weight Loss has no calories and will keep you refreshed and energized! this one has a yummy Orange Mango ,Pineapple and flavour.

Promising Review: “My booster Mornings. Wow the flavor, very sweet with no guilty. Give me the energy I need and I am still sleeping well. Today on my 3 day I can feel amazing and stop to look for food every 3 second. I need to loose some weight but I was more worried to about energy and this drink is great.”

Price : AED 79.00

4. CELSIUS Sparkling Tropical Vibe Energy Drink will make you feel super fresh and energized with no guilt because it has contains 7 essential vitamins and no sugar!

Promising Review: “I obviously love Celsius Live Fit energy drinks if I buy them in BULK. This brand of energy drinks is the first one I’ve come across that actually feels like it enhances my energy in a HEALTHY way. I’m amazed at how amazing the different flavors taste. I only have one negative remark and I hope that my feedback leads to a change in the Variety pack offering. The variety pack includes two cans of “Sparkling Cola.” If all the other flavors are a 10/10, I rate the “Sparkling Cola” flavor a 2/10. I dislike it so much that its inclusion in the variety pack affects my willingness to buy the “variety pack” again.”

Price : AED 149.00

3. Electrolyte Hydration Drops from Keto Chow is convenient for Keto and intermittent fasting. These drops will provide you with the necessary energy for your busy day as it contains no artificial ingredients, colors, caffeine, or dyes. These drops are made with a specific blend of the body’s much-needed electrolytes and trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake.

Promising Review: “I was obviously missing out on what this has in it. My sleep was poor and I couldn’t figure it out. After the second day of putting this in all of my water, I experienced a sense of relief that is hard to explain. I went to a state of relaxation as I went to sleep. I thought I had anxiety, but I was really missing some electrolytes in my diet. I am a believer from now on. Thank you!!!”

Price : AED 91.71

2. This High Protein Shake has no added sugar and is lactose-free! you’ll basically have a good dose of satisfying protein without having to worry about sugar or lactose allergies. Stock up on this 8 bottles pack with yummy creamy vanilla flavour.

Promising Review: “Lactose free, just what I needed post surgery. Just the right amount of sugar. Consistency just right, not too thick of runny. Happy with purchase”

Price : AED 101.00

1. BrightFox Cucumber And Mint Vitamin Hydration Water is another delicious electrolyte drink that will provide nutrition while you keep your water intake up 

Promising Review: “10 ounce bottles of hydration water that contains vitamin E, B, pantothenic acid, zinc, choline and potassium. Has 240 mg of sodium, 1 gram of carbs and 0 calories and fat per bottle. I love the bottles the beverage comes in. Perfect size, easy to hold and come with a twistable metal cap. Quality of the water is good- tastes pure. Received the mint/cucumber flavor and it does taste like a mix of mint and cucumber. For people who like that flavor they may like this. If you don’t care for that flavor I’d recommend the other ones available. If you want the benefits of water plus the vitamins I’d recommend it.”

Price : AED 367.08