Best Back To School Super Saver Deals On Food Essentials

Noha Hatata

It’s school time! Looking to plan breakfast and lunch meals? here are the Best Back To School Super Saver Deals On Food Essentials.


8. Stock up on bottled drinking water like this Mai Dubai one so your kids can easily grab one everyday on their way to school.

Price : AED 11.50 (AED 0.96 / l)


7. Whether it’s for you or your kids, get these Jordans Frusli Juicy Red Berries Bars because everyone will enjoy a breakfast bar on the go!

Promising Review: “We have been buying this from Amazon for about a year and happy with the same. Product supplied was good and perfect as per description.”
Price : AED 12.08

6. Enjoy healthy sandwiches with Mestemacher Organic Amaranth & Quinoa bread 

Price : AED 11.20

5. Your kids will live drinking milk everyday , stock up on Lacnor Essentials Chocolate Milk with lower sugar.

Promising Review: “My baby like this brand and she is literally addicted to it 😁”

Price : AED 10.85

4. Add some dessert bars like these flavoured RICE KRISPIES TREATS for your kids in their lunch boxes to enjoy daily.

Promising Review: “The rice krispy treats were really fresh. A great take a long snack for the little ones.”

Price : AED 121.00

3. Get a pack of fresh Almarai Full Fat Milk delivered to your doorstep for daily coffees, breakfast, and teas.

Price : AED 18.95

2. Your teens will love a healthy low carb protein bar like this one with peanut butter brownie flavour. Heat it up for the best taste.

Promising Review: “It is one of Dr. Gundry’s recommended snacks, so it is not only very tasty but very healthy too. Lectin and sugar free!”

Price : AED 99.00 (AED 3.89 / Ounce)

1. If you’d like to limit carbs for your children or your self, this bread is high in fibers and tastes amazing!

Promising Review: “Great and more than wonderful. I have gestational diabetes and forbidden from bread and carbohydrates, and a nutritionist, and I have eaten it and full of it. After two hours, I check sugar. Thank God it never rises.”

Price : AED 15.75


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