Here’s How To Meal Prep Like TikTok Pros

Noha Hatata

Meal prep is essential to keep a consistent healthy diet or simply have your meals ready when you get home. Need inspo? Here’s How To Meal Prep Like TikTok Pros.

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3. A Set of High Quality Glass Containers:

This set is leak proof, oven compatible and can be placed in the freezer. The sizes are perfect for different courses.

Price : AED 86.00

2. Jar Like Glass Containers:

These containers are excellent for stacking, you can store dry fruits or portions of cereals and grains.

Price : AED 99.99


1. A Salad Maker:

The real star of the show! This Vegetable Chopper and Slicer Dicer will help you get the maximum out of your time by preparing a large amount of veggies in a short amount of time.

Promising Review: “Omg, this thing is a godsend! Literally works perfectly and the cleaning tools that it came with has made it a bit easier to clean this chopper. I have made my favorite potato salad with it and has cut my prep time in half! I’m happy to have bought this item and would recommend this to everyone I know that doesn’t like chopping like I do hahaha.”

Price : AED 130.96


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