Stock Up On These 8 Essential Snacks Starting From AED 1 If You’re A Midnight Binger

A desperate need for snacking is in order if you’ve been running around work all-day or have come back tired and cranky from school or uni!

You need to FUEL up after or during a long day at work sis! Don’t keep yourself craving and check out this list of the top snacks at crazily low prices that will help keep your blood sugar levels stable, and will curb your hunger in no time.

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(Prices are subjected to change depending on the demand of the item).

8. Open up the packet of Xl Potato Ketchup Chips, munch on some now and save the rest for tomorrow night

…Because let’s be real, we both know that you’ll be coming back for more. Buy it from Amazon got ONLY AED 1!

7. Tea-time, snack time or sleep time these Chheda’s Banana Chips is the ANSWER to all your snacking needs

One of India’s greatest! A high nutritional value plus a mouth-watering taste, your future self (or your squad) will WORSHIP you for ordering these. Just snuggle up in bed, put on your fave show and get snacking on these yellow slices of pure JOY.

Get them from Amazon for AED 1.73.

6. Is midnight snacking even complete without milk and cookies?! We think NOT, thus Bobs Red Mill Gluten Frre Choc Chip Cookie Mix 

Gluten-free and nutritious, not a bad deal for ’em midnight kitchen-dwellers. A healthy substitute to chocolates and cakes for you and your fam any day, don’t you think? Buy the jumbo cookie pack from Amazon for AED 28.35.

5. No one can resist a good, fresh and crispy croissant! So here’s presenting: Eurocake Jumbo Chocolate Croissant (2 Packs of 6 Pieces each)

EveryONE craves a good chocolate croissant at one point or the other, so why crave and sulk? Keep the pack of the fresh buttery goodness in your kitchen for a rainy day, because a croissant a day keeps the midday blues away… no we didn’t just make that… issa thing!

Buy the double jumbo pack from Amazon for AED 11.09.

4. Hunter’s Gourmet Mixed Vegetable Chips: Because a lil healthy snacking goes a longggg, long way!

Gourmet chips as a midnight/midday/brekkie snack? Why, o why would anyone say no to that? Healthy and DELISH (tried and tested friends). Buy your healthy gourmet chips pack right away from Amazon for AED 8.95.

3. Buenas Nachos Amigas! Go to nacho heaven with the Tostillas Chips Nacho Cheese pack

Nacho cheese it any time of the day with this pack of Mexican goodness!!! Buy it from Amazon for AED 2.95.

2. Any fitness freaks in the house?! We know you don’t midnight snack, but surely you midday snack! So here’s the perf pack of pro-gym chips for you: The MAXSPORT Protein Chips Grill Party

Baked NOT fried, high fibre, well seasoned, gluten-free, 20% protein plus Vegan! (pheww) This chips brand may just be a godsend for all our health-conscious readers out there. Buy it from Amazon for AED 10.68.

1. Chai + Britannia’s Sweet & Salty Biscuits = The PERFECT snacktime treat

Nuff’ said. Buy the pack of biscies from Amazon for AED 1.75.