ONLY True Foodies Will Appreciate These Delish Looking Socks!


ONLY True Foodies Will Appreciate These Delish Looking Socks!

Foodies, these socks are your calling.

These foodie-inspired socks look oh-so DELICIOUS that even Ryan Reynolds can’t seem to resist ’em.

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3. Don’t be hard-boiled about your fashion and eggspresssss your love for food with through these 4 foodspo novelty socks! (The multi patterns consist of, eggs, sushi, apples and burgers).

Promising review:

“These were a gift for a friend who loves funky socks and he thought they were perfect! The designs are incredibly fun… My friend wears a size nine and reported that these fit well and washed nicely. Overall, if you like funky socks these are a great option and I certainly recommend them!”

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2. Big on snacking?! Well then look like a snack and a cereal cutie yo’self with these Fun Snack-Time-Inspired Ankle Tube Socks!

Promising review:

“Purchased for crazy sock day at school for my niece’s. Needless to say, all the neighbourhood friends got a PR too. Super cute and fun.”

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1. Got into a fight with bae?! Break the ice with these super cool Hamburger Socks that come in a takeaway box and errathing! 1000 points for presentation and a 1000 more points for the comforting feel!

Promising review:

“These socks were super cute. I have a sock loving teenager so I wanted to buy unique socks for the Holiday. This was her favourite pair out of all of the socks I bought. Came exactly as pictured with the hamburger box and paper holding the socks like a burger. Super cute and would buy again.”

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