This Tiktoker’s White Chocolate Cheesecake Is The Tastiest We’ve Ever Tried!

Noha Hatata

Looking for a delicious cold treat that tastes so yummy yet easy to prepare? look no further! This Tiktoker’s One Pot White Chocolate Cheesecake Is The Tastiest We’ve Ever Tried!

@fitwaffle One pot white chocolate cheesecake with 6-ingredients #cheesecake #whitechocolate #food #easyrecipe ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

5. Mini Shortbread Fingers: 

Crush these in the bottom of your cheese cake bowl and mix them with butter for a yummy crust.

Price :

4. Cream Cheese:

Mix some good quality cream cheese with icing sugar to create the tasty cheese cake mixture.

Price : AED 45.85

3. The Best Icing Sugar: 

this icing sugar will do the trick and then you’ll have plenty left for your future yummy baking projects.

Price : AED 4.17

2. Add Melted White Chocolate:

The star of the show! there’s no white chocolate as tasty as these Milka Bars!

Price : AED 180.00

1. Creamy White Chocolate Cheese Cake Topping:

Make the delicious topping for this cheese cake by adding the double cream and white chocolate together. For a plant based double cream we love this soy based cream from Alpro

Price : AED 13.68 (AED 54.72 / l)

Enjoy this easy mouthwatering treat with your family and friends!




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