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7 Best Food Keepers To Keep Your Groceries Nice And Fresh

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Investing in some good quality food containers will save you more trips to the grocery store as well as minimize waste! Take a look at these 7 Best Food Keepers To Keep Your Groceries Nice And Fresh


7. A Vegetable and Fruit Containers for your fridge, this 3 pack containers will preserve your fruits and vegetables. They have dividers, air vents and baskets that drain water so you can rinse your veggies and put them in the boxes with so much ease. 

Price : AED 115.64

6. This Large Bamboo Bread Box will look great on your kitchen counter. It will look like a bakery corner that is elegant and yet very functional. You can store multiple types of bread and bakeries and organize more kitchen stuff on it like a shelf.

Price : AED 129.00

5. This herb saver is loved by thousands of reviewers! just pour in some water every couple of days and your herbs will stay fresh.

Promising Review: “Really good carry my coriander and parsley 3 weeks in the refrigerator inside these containers and are still in very good condition and no bad smell I recommend”

Price : AED 85.00

4. This set of 3 PCS high quality Cereal Storage Containers with measuring cups is a staple in your pantry to keep your grains and cereals fresh.

Promising Review: “Amazing addition to my pantry. Good quality product that helps keep my cereals and pasta fresh and nicely arranged.”

Price : AED 39.00

3. Keep your canned food ,fruits or sauces organised inside your fridge in these useful clear bins.

Price : AED 104.99

2. If you love avocados but hate how they turn brown when you don’t need the other half, then this avocado saver gadget is for you!

Promising Review: “The avocado container works better than using any other container I have tried.
It is very hard to keep the other half of an avocado fresh and this worked.
The next day it was not all brown and yuck looking.
I do use the 2nd part of avocado within a day or two so not sure how much longer it works after that.
I am glad I purchased”

Price : AED 54.51

1. These Snack Jars Stackable Containers will store everything from candy, nuts, formula… literally everything and it comes with a secure lock and a funnel.

Promising Review: “Fantastic little set of containers that easily fit into my work bag! Would highly recommend 👍”

Price : AED 112.34

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