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This Garlic Quesadilla Recipe Is So Good You’ll Want To Make It Everyday!

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I love simple recipes! and this Tiktok garlic quesadilla recipe takes maximum 10 minutes to make but it is super satisfying and tasty!

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So I had some tortilla wraps in my freezer and I had guests over and was out of easy ideas to serve some snack, both adults and kids were amazed by how tasty and satisfying this recipe is. I served it with some other salsas, veggies and a cheese platter. The trick here to prepare a bigger amount is to bake them instead of pan fry them. I simply sprayed the baking pan with some oil and flipped them in the middle, and they turned out absolutely yummy!

Excited about the recipe? Here’s what you need

5. Tortilla Bread:

For each quesadilla you need two tortilla wraps. These Old El Paso Flour Tortillas are some of the best!

Price : AED 14.00 (AED 42.94 / kg)

4. Some Tasty Butter:

You can use the normal butter stick or this amazing ghee butter, this ghee butter will add a rich flavour and it’s healthier for the heart.

Promising Review: “I ordered this to have as my butter for starting my Keto way of eating. Honestly, I have never been a butter lover my entire life so I was really not looking forward to the idea of butter in coffee, or using butter so lavishly in receipes. After reading about all the different butters, I thought i would try Ghee. I must have read all the reviews for 4th & Heart & the positives won me over. Now after 2 weeks use, I love Ghee in my coffee, & cooking with it is easy. Found my keeper.”

Price : AED 80.00

3. Fresh Parsley:

You need fresh parsley for this recipe, but if you don’t have any in hand, you can use some dried parsley and your quesadillas will be just as flavourful.

Price : AED 10.00



2. Crushed Garlic:

You can crush your garlic or use 1 spoon of garlic paste for a smoother texture.

Price : AED 12.16

1. Mozarella Cheese:

Mozarella cheese is the star of this recipe, it just binds all the flavours together and adds this rich texture.

Price : AED 26.99


Enjoy your quesadilla!



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