5 Pampering Gifts To Give Yourself On Your Birthday!

Noha Hatata

Looking for ideas to pamper yourself for your upcoming birthday? you’ll love these 5 Pampering Gifts To Give Yourself On Your Birthday!

5. Large Neon Sign for Wall Décor Happy Birthday:

Perfect for pictures and you’ll use it every birthday!

Promising Review:Like this with different light settings”

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Price : AED 195.00

4. Bluetooth Sleeping Headband:

Pamper yourself with a relaxing sleeping band that plays music too!

Promising Review:Fits and works well, and useful for reducing noise pollution to others”

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Price : AED 59.78

3. Fissman Coffee Mug With Warmer Gift Set:

Enjoy your coffee and hot chocolate warm every time with cool set, it includes a fancy looking ceramic mug, a spoon and a cup warmer.

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Price : AED 88.00

2. 7th Heaven Bumper Box Face Mask Gift Set:

A mask set for every single occasion! a set of different face masks with the best ingredients to pamper yourself differently every single day!

Promising Review:This was a win win specially as the price was on offer and we all know how much just 1 costs. Came in a nice boxes all different ones. Everyone likes a bit off pampering and I will definitely be on the lookout for more on a offer.”

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Price : AED 67.01


1. 4D Air Mesh Bathtub Spa Pillow: 

Is there anything that feels more luxurious than having a relaxing pillow while enjoying your bath/ jacuzzi?

Promising Review:Very soft and really highly recommended for all those who want ultimate pampering during bath”

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Price : AED 38.39



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