7 Impressive Gifts To Give Away on Eid-AlAdha

Noha Hatata



Eid is all about giving happiness to others! if you’re looking for gift ideas to give your friends and family on Eid El Adha, check out these 7 Impressive Gifts To Give on Eid Al Adha


7. This elegant gift set that includes Quran, Bookmark, Tasbih Box, Turkish Prayer Mat With Pouch in teal color is so elegant and beautiful, such an impressive to give in Eid Adha

Price : AED 205.00


6. This decorative sheep figurine serving plate is suitable to give away a nice and meaningful gift, you can also include candy and wrap it to give to your favourite person. 

Price : AED 103.95


5. A nice and simple Prayer Beads With an elegant box like this one is the perfect gift to give away, you can have a bunch at home as giveaway boxes when people visit you on Eid days.

Price : AED 32.00


4. A nice warming gift like this Islamic Decorative Wall Hanging Tapestry with hanging rhinestones. The small size is super convenient for a Eid Gift

Price : AED 77.69


3. This Eid Mubarak Tray Circular Design for Eid Adha Celebration and Festivities is great as a gift because of it’s elegant design and color.

Price : AED 52.00


2. This crescent shape serving tray with Arabian design can hold nuts, dried fruits or dates. It will look super sophisticated on your host’s dessert table!

Price : AED 109.98


1. Give away Eidia, souvenirs , or candy in these super cute favour boxes. Both Grown-ups and kids will love you for it!

Price : AED 79.52


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