5 Meditation Items You Need To Create A Zen Space

Noha Hatata

Having a Zen place to meditate is just so satisfying, if you want to start practicing yoga or meditation, having a dedicated spot with the right vibes is so important, so we’ve put together some meditation space essentials list to start with:



A meditation mat is great, but have you tried a meditation pillow? this one is just so comfortable and it has helped many enjoy a peaceful meditation practice without any body aches.

Promising Review: “This mat has been made from high-quality materials and is very soft and comfortable. I bought this not for practicing yoga, but for sitting on the floor and reading books and writing. I had another mat and it was hard and small, so I decided to buy this because the reviews said it was velvety and soft. I’m very happy with my purchase.”

Price : AED 320.59


Get your yoga poses on point without the help of screens, these Yoga cards are perfect to stay in your Zen energy while getting the help you need.

Promising Review: “I liked the fact that the cards not only showed the poses but gave a detailed description of the befits of those poses.”

Price : AED 89.95


Get the soothing vibe up with this aroma Diffuser with 6 Bottles of fragrance Oils 

Price : AED 159.90


This lamp with Natural Himalayan pink salt crystals with a brightness controller will help you get rid of your stress and will add a soothing ambiance to your meditation session

Price : AED 98.99

Add this bonsai chakra Crystal Tree with Natural Tumbled Stones for a decorative addition as well as energy balance to your meditation area

Price : AED 79.99


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