6 Brilliant Gadgets For People Who Want to Lose Weight

Noha Hatata

Losing weight can be fun! if you’re bored from the old traditional workouts, check these 6 Brilliant Gadgets For People Who Want to Lose Weight


6. This brilliant smart skipping rope will help you track the number of times you jump , weight, calories burnt and it even has a cordless mode! a perfect gadget for your home workout set up that doesn’t require space.

Promising Review: “I didn’t know these existed before this week! I’m not great with a skipping rope, love how you don’t need much space to use these and get your heart rate up. This was the second one I bought this week. The counter is a lot more accurate than the first, as is the quality. I also really like that it’s weighted, felt the workout more.”

Price : AED 59.99

5. This Magnetic under-desk elliptical is just amazing! if you work from home or simply need a daily workout gadget that doesn’t consume the space in your apartment, you will love this elliptical. You can use it while sitting or standing and get great results.

Price : AED 597.16

4. If you care about tracking or losing the fat, you will love this Handheld Body Fat Measuring Device

Price : AED 81.16

3. Get the maximum of your home workout with this Core Max trainer. This gadget will give you so many options and different exercises that will target different muscle groups in your body.

Price : AED 592.67

2. Read this book: THE FITNESS CHEF – Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind if you want to get started on losing the weight while eating healthy. 

Promising Review: “This is my 3rd book from the fitness chef (highly recommend the other 2), I follow him on a couple of social media accounts and he really do simplify healthy food. After years of crash dieting, sinning foods and drinking potions this finally something to follow and stick to without over restricting. Only had a quick scan through but can’t wait to read it properly”

Price : AED 66.00

1. This ab machine is just mind blowing! workout your abs at home with this foldable fitness ab machine.

Promising Review: ” OMG! This is one of the best ab workouts I have EVER experienced. The machine is compact, light weight, yet VERY sturdy. My husband has been working out for over 30 yrs and he agrees, this gives a top notch ab workout!”

Price : AED 640.02


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