COVID-19: The 6 Survival Kit Basics From AED 3 Metro Users Should Know About


With the panic of the fast-spreading coronavirus taking over the world, keeping yourself protected and guarded against the germs is the best thing that you can do for yourself and your fam during these testing times.

It is also very much the flu season, so instead of freaking out every time someone coughs or sneezes beside you during your commute, take precautionary measures yourself to ensure that you don’t catch a nasty cold that can slow down your big weekend plans.

The metro and buses are some of the most likely of all places for you to catch a cold, so gear up with these super cheap preventive buys and avoid the much-spreading covid-19 and paranoia.

(Prices are subjected to change depending on the demand of the item).

The 6 Survival Kit Basics From AED 3 Metro Users Should Know About

…In no particular order.

6. Reusable Sports Mask cus those toxins shouldn’t be commin’ nowhere near you!

Your body is a temple and this reusable, multi-purpose sports mask has you and your loved ones covered when using public transportation. The breathable one-size-fits-all mask can be purchased for a discounted AED 34.01 from Amazon.

5. The all-in-one iFLYsmart Travel Kit that will keep you prepped for any and every situation = The ultimate travel prevention kit

Antiseptic hand wipes? Check. Facial wipes? Check. Face mask? Check.

Plus a lip moisturizer, a sleep mask, earplugs and a headrest cover all to guard you against those airborne germs. Get it from Amazon for only AED76.87.

4. Bulk up on these SUPER CHEAP anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizers for the virus season!

BONUS: A little scented for your enjoyment too, leave the metro smelling a 100000x better than before you entered. Bulk up from Amazon for ONLY AED3.

3. THE godsend item in your fight against the deadly virus: Disposable Powder Free Clear Vinyl Gloves

These clear powder-free vinyl gloves provide CLEARCUT barrier protection against pathogens and contaminants that have run amok all over town since the spread of the virus. Buy them from Amazon for AED20.81.

2. Stand out while trying to fight it out! Say no to bacteria, dust and smoke with the Axsyon Dust Mask and look super cool at the same time!

Stay healthy and chic with the Axsyon Dust Mask! Only for AED98.98 on Amazon.

1. Cool & Cool Travelling Wipes (6 packs of 30 wipes): So effective, these wipes can prolly wipe your sins away too!

Can you even with this deal? Avoid germs like pro keeping with these travel wipes in handy. Buy all 6 packs on Amazon for AED24.38.