Step 1 To Sorting Out Your Life: Get Yourself These Shatterproof Glasses


Have kids?

You’re a clutz?

Have hyper pets?

You’re the Monica of your squad and hold frequent gatherings at your home?

Have major temper issues and like smashing things?

If you have checked even one of the boxes above then bruhhh you need you to get yourself some shatterproof glasses and put away your crystals and good glasses locked away for a day when the queen comes to visit.

These 4 shatterproof types of glass will give your fam and guests the illusion of legit glass Tumblrs, and when they (or you) accidentally drop it, there won’t be any panic in the air… ‘cuz it ain’t gonna break boo.

Unleash your inner hulk and smash away because those glasses ain’t ever gonna break!

4. These shatterproof transparent plastic glasses look freggin sophisticated and are perfect for all kinds of bevvies!

Buy the pack of 4 from Amazon for AED 60.01.

3.  These stemless shatterproof goblets “are unbreakable and they are going to save me money down on the road”

Promising reviews:

“I love these wine glasses so much. They are completely unbreakable since they are not made of glass. They are made of some kind of plastic, but they look and feel exactly like glass! I love also that these glasses are stemless. These would be perfect for us to taking camping since they are lightweight and unbreakable. We never have to worry about broken wine glasses at our campsite again! These would also be great for my kids to use to hold their drinks when we are camping. These are also easy to clean…just throw them in your dishwasher! Can’t wait to buy another set…highly recommend!”

“My wife got so tired of seeing me, accidentally, breaking our wine glasses, that I had to promise her that I would find a solution for that. After browsing Amazon, I opted to buy these glasses, because they are unbreakable and they are going to save me money down on the road. I won’t need to worry about breaking any wine glasses any more. They came to replace the real glass ones.”

Buy the set of 4 from Amazon for AED 435.40.

2. Stainless Steel Stemless Goblets: Bringing you the ultimate in modern steel drinkware – safe, practical, shatterproof, effortlessly stylish and healthy

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1. The stemless design of these unbreakable Tumblrs prevents you from accidentally knocking over the glasses but even if you do, who caressss ‘cuz not like it’s going to break or anything…

Just make sure you don’t drop it on a surface that stains, because that we can’t help you with.

Buy the set of 4 from Amazon for AED 113 (down from AED 145.68).