5 Problem Solving Home Products To Make Your Life Easier

Noha Hatata

Ready for some creative gadgets that will make your life at home easier? Here are 5 Problem Solving Home Products To Make Your Life Easier.

5. Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder and Toothpaste  Dispenser:

A bathroom organiser that holds your brushes and toothpaste, it is perfect to save space and avoid clutter around your bathroom  sink.

Promising Review: “B09JCJKPGP”

Price : AED 48.90

4. Wall-Mounted Waterproof  Mobile Shower Case:

Imagine watching your favourite show or playing some relaxing spa music during your bath! this touch waterproof case will let you use your phone while enjoying the relaxing mood.

Price : AED 53.56

3. ORIA 2 in 1 Mini Handheld Heat Sealer and Cutter:

This heat sealer will help you re-seal your pastas, chips, rice as well as seal vegetable and fruit bags to freeze. It’s tiny but effective!

Promising Review: “This super practical, you no longer spend on pulas as you recharge it to the current, seals perfectly well and you always have it on hand with the magnet, which you can have in the refrigerator!”

Price : AED 65.66


2. Electric Rapid Egg Cooker with Automatic Shut off:

A rapid egg cooker that can cook up to 12 eggs at the same time!, you can also use this device to steam dumplings. No need to wait for a large pot of boiling water to finish cooking to make breakfast.

Promising Review: “What a great idea, eggdelicious, auto shutdown and it was perfect egg for me.. Not over cooked.. Highly recommend it”

Price : AED 66.95

1. Inch Drain Hair Snake Tool Clog Remover Cleaning Tool:

This tool is soft enough to bend in many kinds of strainers and pipes and clean them effectively, you will save money and effort on plumbers to fix clogged pipes.

Price : AED 19.99



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