6 Brilliant Kitchen & Dining Items Reviewers Swear By

Noha Hatata

Updating your kitchen and dining area is just so essential. Here are 6 Brilliant Kitchen & Dining Items Reviewers Swear By


6. Stackable Shelf Organisers

Perfect for your kitchen cabinets and counter tops:

Price : AED 52.00

5. Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap Set:

Wrap your kids’ lunches and any type of food in your kitchen with this beeswax paper. it’s healthy and a sustainable option that will replace plastic film.

Price : AED 40.00

4. Interdesign Linus Stacking Organizer Bin:

This organizer bin is perfect for things that you want to reach without changing their place like kitchen rolls and waste bags.

Price : AED 139.75

3. A Coffee Supply Organiser:

Organise your coffee corner with ease. This all your coffee supplies accessible and presentable for your guests.

Price : AED 80.33

2. Cold Coffee Brewer:

Enjoy super tasty cold brewed coffee with an amazing cold coffee brewer like this one!

Promising Review: “No more buying expensive iced coffee anywhere else. This saved me money this whole week that the money I used to buy it is so worth it. The flavor is great, easy to bring anywhere – used it a couple of times at work. Its easy to use and clean.”

Price : AED 225.00

1. Stackable Tea Organiser Drawer with Lid:

If you are a tea lover, enjoy sorting and presenting different types and flavours of teas for you and your guests.

Price : AED 133.31


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