The 7 Products You NEED To Organise Your Kitchen To Perfection


Kitchens are most often the room that gets cluttered the fastest. You need the counter space to cook on but the cupboards are filled to the brim with goods. If you’ve seen the home organisation shows and got inspired, we’re here to help you turn those inspirations into reality!

Here are the 7 products you need to organize your kitchen

7. The essential kitchen organizer starts with the Variera Cutlery Tray

This beauty is made of bamboo, for all you environmental-friendly peeps. It’s large enough without being bulky, fits perfectly in drawers and is a neutral color to match any kitchen. Get yours here!

6. Under the sink could sometimes be a mess but not when you use this Extendable Storage Organiser

You can store anything from cleaning products to pots and pans. It’s extendable to give you more storage space and doesn’t collide with the sink tube. Get yours at 63% off NOW.

5. For easy spice accessibility, get yourself this 4-Tire Spice Rack Organiser

If you have your spices in rows, you might knock some over when you’re getting a bottle from the back row. This awesome organiser is tiered so you can easily see and access your spice bottles. Impressive right? Get one for your kitchen for AED42.58 only!

4. The Clear Storage Organiser Tray is a kitchen must-have!

If you want to store canned goods, small bottles, or even candy packs, this clear acrylic tray is your friend. It’s 35.6 x 10.2 x 5.1cm and you get yours by clicking right here.

3. Organise your dish soaps, sponges AND brushes in this Rinnig Utensil Rack

This product is phenomenal for storing all your dish cleaning products in a simple fashion beside your sink. It has holes in the bottom to drain the water and is a simple design to go well in any kitchen. Get yours for AED28!

2. This Variera Pot Lid Organiser is a GAME changer!

No one really knows how to store pot lids because of their wonky shapes that just cannot be stacked. With this gizmo, you can store many lids at once. It makes it easy to see all your lids and grab one without messing up the pile. You can get yours for AED29 now!

1. Fellow coffee lovers, this Coffee Capsule Storage Box is AMAZING

Why is it amazing you ask? Well, it’s the perfect size to store rows upon rows of coffee capsules and doesn’t need to be on top of the kitchen counter at all! You can put items on top of it and access the capsules with the easy pull-out tray. Get yours for only AED49.50

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