Upgrade To A Reliable Home Security System As Dubai Reports A Surge In Residential Crimes


Upgrade To A Reliable Home Security System As Dubai Reports A Surge In Residential Crimes

After the horrific murder of an Indian couple in Arabian Ranches was brought to light via international news agencies, more Dubai residents have begun reporting of residential crimes in New Dubai. According to Gulf News, the most reported residential crimes have been of robberies, break-ins and vandalism.

Although property developers in Dubai are finding ways to step up security, you can never be too safe. Having a trusted and reliable home security system can go a long way in warding off those with ill intentions and will give your family an immediate sense of safety and protection.

5. This Smart Home Security Camera (with night vision) alerts you EVERY time movement is detected, so whether it’s yo kids sneaking out, bae sleepwalking around the garage or well… anything fishy near your home, you’ll be notified right away!

Promising review:

“Very good product, easy to set up and the image is clear.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 699.00.

4. If you’re looking for a thoughtful housewarming gift then skip the overdone scented candles and give them the gift of safety with this Weatherproof Facial Recognition Blurams Outdoor Pro Outdoor Security Camera.

Promising reviews:

“Best Thing i like about the camera
– Facial Recognition works perfectly
– Very minimum to almost no false alarms
– Very easily installed and connected to app
– two way audio

I was checking many cameras to buy outdoor camera finially got this and its worth buying, once the best experience using the camera on app. smoothly works with stable Wifi connection. best part is i get notification on my phone for any activity in front of my door.”

“This is a small and powerful camera.
The power cord is long enough. use a USB adapter.
Easy to install either use screw, but I just use super double tape.
The sd card can be changed easily.

About the storage file, you can use the sd card . But the camera supply basic cloud storage.
You can replay the video on the app.
The MOtion sensor is very accurate.
I turn off the sound alert because I live in a busy road.
SO basic on the camera app and the camera, I very like this camera.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 299.00.

3. See up to 20 meters (66 ft.) in complete darkness with this 1080P 4CH Home Surveillance System that comes with 2 Dome Cams!

Promising review:

“Super clear. High quality at its low price. Very easy to install. Complete with all materials needed.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 366.00.

2. Go one step further with your home security and get this Pack-Of-3 Door Stopper Alarm. Effective and portable, so you can tag it along with you even if you’re planning some road trips to shady neighbourhoods.

Promising review:

“These are great for extra security when travelling. The product information is written in Czech but it wasn’t too hard to figure out that you can adjust the level from low to high as to how much pressure will set off the alarm. I will definitely use when travelling and am using at home, as well. They fit in my window jam(s). I am also going to keep one in my car for use on the road.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 73.45.

1. Keep a check on the house help and the maintenance staff with this All-New Ring Indoor Cam with two-way talk.

Promising review:

“This camera is very easy to use. The video takes wild angle; light and night visions.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 229.00.

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