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7 Handy Items That Will Solve All Your Cleaning Problems

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Cleaning might seem like an easy task but it’s not! Cleaning is a lot easier with these 7 Handy Items That Will Solve All Your Cleaning Problems


7. These dry sweeping cloths will save your efforts of washing soiled mop pads, they’re simple to use and can work on many surfaces.

Promising Review: “I really like these dry mop cloths. Price it great and they work well. I have 3 little dogs and I am sweeping everyday and I go through these often. They are actually better then the name brand Swifter pet ones. These are a great buy for anyone who has pets or has a lot of dust on the wood floors.”

Price : AED 48.98

6. This pink stuff really works! it is top reviewed by many people and TikTok is obsessing over it. This Pink Stuff bundle has miracle cleaning paste ,multi-purpose spray, cream cleaner, and bathroom spray.

Promising Review: “This stuff is a miracle cleaner. Seriously. I cleaned my boat seats with it and my jaw was dropped the entire time. Our 1996 boat seats went from grungy and disgusting to no kidding looking brand new. I LOVE this stuff.”

Price : AED 150.00

5. This spray mop is very handy and useful, it works on all floors and you can use your type of detergent to clean the type of floor you want. It comes with several cleaning pads that you can pop in the washing machine after you finish.

Promising Review: “Great product. I hated using the conventional mop with the bucket, it was so cumbersome and did not give the result I wanted. This mop however is easy to use, light weight and makes mopping a fast activity. Good buy!”

Price : AED 105.00


4. Do you struggle with removing dust from window gaps and narrow spaces in your kitchen? this gaps cleaning brush will help you get into the tiniest of places with no effort.

Price : AED 18.00


3. An powerful electric cleaning brush like this one will give all the dirty surfaces and nooks a makeover, it has multiple brushes that clean different things inside your home or garden. Enjoy professional cleaning using it!

Price : AED 253.00


2. Cleaning your built-in glass stive is not an easy task. It requires special care and handle, if your glass stove doesn’t seem to get cleaned easily use this top rated cleaning kit

Promising Review: “My glass stovetop has had stuck-on grime since we moved not our house four years ago and this is the first product I’ve tried that easily removed it! The razor blade helps to scrape away the crud without scratching the glass and the cleaning solution smells good and leaves a gorgeous shine.”

Price : AED 91.00



1. Blocked sinks are a nightmare! skip the call to the plumber and keep one of these sink un-blockers handy

Promising Review: “This was a repurchase for me. It seems to be one of the only things that will actually break down my long disgusting hair in the shower. I’ve tried everything, including brushing my hair for ages directly before showering, but it seems inevitable the shower eventually gets blocked. This stuff works really well- definitely heavy duty!”

Price : AED 44.00







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