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8 Brilliant Items That Will Make Your Parenting Life Easier

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Parenting life is crazy! that’s why we looked for some of the best helping products that will change everything. Check these 8 Brilliant Items That Will Make Your Parenting Life Easier


8. If your kids are picky eaters they will surely enjoy this fun plate! it even has a fun compartment for a surprise dessert by the end of the trail so your kids will feel great going through every compartment!

Promising Review: “My 4 year old was so so bad at eating! We tried everything, setting timers, lowering the portion, buying him a chair to sit in without moving. Nothing worked. I saw one like this in Aldi but thought there was no point as he just doesn’t eat. I was at the end of my tether with it all. Bought this, was so fast. Took two days to come but I’m so glad I did buy it! He went along with it, ate everything to see what was under the lid! I’m hoping it’s not just a novelty. I hope it helps like all the other reviewers have said!”

Price : AED 70.97

7. This fun Faucet Extender for Kids will help them be independent and wash their hands alone .

Promising Review: “It’s very nice and fits perfectly my twins love it”

Price : AED 24.57


6.This amazing 2 in 1 Rocking Chair and Slide will provide extended play time at home for your toddlers and will keep them entertained for long hours

Promising Review: “his 2 in 1 ride on rocker and slide is of great quality. The plastic used is really good and sturdy. I love that its straightforward, you just have to turn it upside down if your child wants to use it as a slide and turn it over again to use it as a rocker. There’s no attachments that you have to put whenever you need to change its function. Really excellent idea. Perfect purchase for my toddlers!”

Price : AED 179.95

5. If your kids like to use messy paints that can get to your furniture, get them this Large Magic Water Mat that will enable them to use their imagination and skills. This mat is also large enough for more than one kid to use too!

Price :

4. This baby monitor mirror will help you check up on your baby for stress free rides

Promising Review: “This mirror is brilliant. I had been debating for a long time which mirror to buy and instinct told me to get this and I’m so glad I did. Its easy to install, it’s a great big size so you can see baby in the cars mirror very clearly, it’s big enough that baby can also see in the mirror and it entertains them, it tilts, swivels around and moves easily to the position you need but also stays in place once you have tightened it correctly. Its great quality too for the cheap price. I love this and would 100% recommend it”

Price :

3. This cute brush helps Detangle Knots Without Tears Or Breakage. It doesn’t matter what is your little one’s hair type you will love this one

Promising Review: “This brush is wonderful! I love it super! The truth is that I am super happy with the product and my girl even more, since it does not pull her hair at all! It was always a mess to comb my girl and the truth is this brush has helped a lot! I really recommend it!”

Price :

2. If your kids are the fussy type and can’t relax to sleep easily, give them a warm relaxing bath with this Calming Comfort Baby Bath cream For Kids

Promising Review: “This smells absolutely amazing and is so comforting. I use this in my toddlers bath each night and it truly calms him down and gets him ready to go to sleep. I highly recommend this Aveeno Calming Comfort bath with Lavender.”

Price :

1. Your baby can snack with no accidents with this snack catcher, it will save you the time and the effort spent on cleaning and will help your toddler master fine motor skills.

Promising Review: ”

These snack cups have a lid that screws on and very soft silicone in the middle. It’s very easy for our 16-mth old son get his hand in there and get the snack out, yet the snack stays securely inside when he flips the cup upside down and shakes it.

The screw-on lid is easy for adults to open/close but has no chance of coming off in baby’s hands. These cups are a bit more expensive than other Munchkin snack cups where the lid simply pops on, but these are MUCH better. When using the Munchkin snack cup with a pop on lid, our son would regularly inadvertently pull the lid off while trying to take out his snack and make a mess. The silicone on it is also not quite as soft as it is on this snack cup.”

Price :







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Note: This article may contain affiliate links. Lovin Dubai can receive a commission if items are purchased through a link from this post.

Note: This article may contain affiliate links. Lovin can receive a commission if items are purchased through a link from this post.

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