Exciting Gifts For Little Kids This Ramadan! Use Code LD10 Get Up To 40% Off!

Noha Hatata

Looking for the perfect gifts to celebrate Ramadan with your little ones? Look no further! Introducing a delightful selection of items designed to inspire, educate, and engage young hearts during this special time: Visit Mumzworld and enjoy up to 40% Off Use Code: LD10

3. Little Packs of Prayer – Ramadan Festivity Kit – Toddler’s Edition

Dive into the joy of Ramadan with this special kit tailored for toddlers! Packed with educational activities inspired by our cherished Ramadan traditions and values, this kit offers a unique opportunity for little ones to learn through play. From creativity to family bonding, enjoy a variety of fun activities including board games, artistic crafting, and more!

2. Little Packs of Prayer – Lantern Bundle Of 4
Illuminate your child’s Ramadan experience with this enchanting lantern bundle! Each set includes four paper lanterns accompanied by sixteen booklets of prayers, four rosaries, four LED tea light candles (batteries not included), and four greeting cards. Let your little ones embrace the spirit of Ramadan with these beautiful and functional lanterns.

  1. Towards Faith – Ramadan Kids Journal & Activity Book: Spark curiosity and foster a deeper connection to faith with this comprehensive journal and activity book. Featuring a 100-page full-color journal, an A3 activity adventure map, eight sticker sheets, and a Qamar mascot bookmark, this set is perfect for young explorers eager to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

With these thoughtful gifts, make this Ramadan a memorable and enriching experience for the little ones in your life. Embrace the spirit of giving and celebration as you create lasting memories together! 🎁🌙Visit Mumzworld and enjoy up to 40% Off Use Code: LD10

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