8 Things To Pamper Your Precious Kitty On International Cat Day

Noha Hatata

For the kings and queens of fur land and our precious companions, It’s international cat day and here are 8 Things To Pamper Your Precious Kitty


8. This cat window bed is for the kitty kings and queens who love to sunbathe and chillax

Price : AED 42.00

7. This CatIt Senses Massage Centre will make your kitty Purrr with love!

Price : AED 95.00

6. Get your kitty this Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box that will help her stay clean and happy


Promising Review: “Our cat took to it instantly. All smells are gone and I’m not cleaning a smelly litter box any longer. Cat will sit amused after watching it rake.”

Price : AED 958.02

5. Cats love this! get your kitty these Catnip Balls , these cat herbal snacks are treats that will make your kitty feel relaxed and happy.

Price : AED 38.50

4. This Multi-Level Cat Tree will be your cats’ new habitat and will lure them away from your sofa. It’s a happy space for them to climb,  scratch and bite as much as they like

Price : AED 216.99

3. Do you sometimes lose it because your cat sneaks in unwanted places to hide? Get your lovely kitty these cute Collars set with Bells and reflective strap as a fashion statement and to find her when she’s hiding

Price : AED 17.00

2. Entertain your cat to hours of fun with some interesting toys like this set that includes : a Cat Tunnel, Catnip Fish, Feather Teaser, Wand Fish, Fluffy Mouse, Mice, Balls and Bells.

Price : AED 53.00

1. This top Entry Anti-Splashing Cat Toilet will keep the bad smells away! you can easily clean it by pulling the litter drawer.

Promising Review: “My cat used to spill the litter all over the place.
With this new box, looks like the problem is solved. She still is learning how to open the door, what so far, it’s amazing! besides it look very nice inside​ of my bathroom. Drawer for cleaning litter easy no need to dissemble, no litter scatters IF using pallet shaped litter. good for travel as its dissemble and be taking away with you or stored away.”

Price : AED 199.00