Fabolous Pet Gadgets For A Fur-Free Spotless Home!

Noha Hatata

Tired of constantly chasing furballs or dealing with messy paw prints? Say goodbye to pet-related cleaning woes with these pawsome gadgets that will keep your home squeaky clean!

4. Cordless Vacuum Is Designed To Deep Clean After Your Pet


This effective vacuum transforms into many shapes to accommodate every type of surface that your pet reaches. It has suction power that automatically adjusts according to floor type, Suction power: 30 Air Watts, Suction power handheld cleaner: 30 Air Watts.

This device also knows when the filter needs cleaning, and it has a  Smart Charge Technology that Charges the battery within 5 hours.

Price : AED 586.00

3. Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover:

Clean your carpets, sofas, car seats and  with ease with this amazing gadget.

Promising Review: “Was sceptical about using this product, but having tried pretty much everything else claiming to remove dog hair from vehicles, I thought I’d give it a try, along with a rubber brush, also available on Amazon.
Wow- very impressed to discover it actually does what it says on the tin and removed all traces of dog hair from the boot. Looks like new now.
However, don’t be tempted to try this as an exfoliator, as it does tens to remove all the skin on your legs and face. 🙂
Would I recommend this for removing dog hair? Absolutely.”

Price : AED 69.00


2. E&P Dog Grass Pad with Tray:

Artificial Turf Dog Grass Pee Pad Make potty training even easier with the E&P Dog Grass Pad with Tray! This artificial turf pad is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and the removable tray makes clean-up a snap. Plus, the natural grass scent will encourage your dog to use it every time. No more puppy accidents at home!

Like it? Get it Here

Price : AED 139.00

1. ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover:

This pet hair roller is so good! the roller design makes it easy to use on yourself, your sofas, carpets… you name it!

Promising Review: “B07F178K9N”

Price : AED 182.35