This Amazing Gadget Will Make Your Dog Talk!

Noha Hatata

Ever wish your pet could speak your language? Introducing MyDogTalks Dog and Cat Communication Training Buttons! These buttons teach your furry friend to communicate with you in a whole new way.

@whataboutbunny I love when she just tells me what’s going on around us #mydogtalks #WidenTheScreen #stranger #foryou #talkingdog #dogsoftiktok #dogtrain ♬ original sound – I am Bunny

4. Train Your Pet to Talk 🗣️

With MyDogTalks, your pet can finally say what’s on their mind. Teach them to press buttons like “Walk,” “Treat,” or “Love.” No more guessing – they’ll tell you exactly what they want!

3. Record Your Voice 🎤

You can even record your own phrases or your pet’s name. These buttons are customizable, making communication a breeze.

2. Complete Set for Fun Communication 🎉

With 12 buttons, 3 mats, and 24 stickers, MyDogTalks gives you all you need to create a unique communication system for your pet.

1. Unlock Conversations with Your Furry Friend! 🐕🐈

MyDogTalks brings you closer to your pet, turning woofs and meows into meaningful interactions. Strengthen your bond and let your pet express themselves.

Get MyDogTalks today and start chatting with your pet like never before! 🐾🎉

Promising Review:Easy to install and use, our little one quickly understood the trick and we are having a lot of fun now, just buying new buttons!

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Price : AED 200.00


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