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5 Problem Solving Puppy Products That Are Worth It

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Looking for some brilliant products that will help solve all your puppy issues ? check these 5 Problem Solving Puppy Products That Are Totally Worth It


5. An easy water bottle for your dog to take along on walks. This is perfect especially for hot days when  your dog needs that extra hydration.

Price : AED 43.10


4. This slow pet feeder is perfect when your pet gulps their food so quick that is cause tummy aches. It will help eat slowly so they don’t feel bloated or have accidents.

Price : AED 29.99


3. This Reinforced and Durable Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed will lift off your precious one from the super hot floor so they can nap on a cool and breezy fabric. 

Price : AED 159.94


2. A Car Back-Seat Protector Cover that will prevent your dog from accidently falling between the seats. It will also help keep your car clean when taking your dog for a ride because it is scratch and water proof !

Price : AED 69.00


1. Enjoy playing with your dog with this Dog Ball with Grab Tabs. The only ball your dog can grab easily without destroying.

Price : AED 59.90


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