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5 Top Rated Water Dispensers And Feeders For Pets That Are Also Aesthetically Pleasing

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Your pet gadgets don’t always have to look like they’re clutter that doesn’t match your home! Here are 5 Top Rated Water Dispensers And Feeders For Pets That Are Also Aesthetically Pleasing


5. This automatic dispenser doesn’t need any electricity, it releases the water automatically by gravity as your pet drinks.

Promising Review: “This is a nice water bowl for my cat. I like how it is easy to take the water jug out and rinse out the bowl area frequently.”

Price : AED 224.00

4. Pets, especially cats love drinking from a fountain. Water from a fountain feels a lot fresher and relaxing for your pets. 

Promising Review: “My babies are so happy with this water fountain. They not only drink the water but also spend time looking at it. Maybe they are curious how the water keeps running 😂😂😂”

Price : AED 79.99

3. Take your dog for a walk or a trip worry free when you have this Dog Water Bottle Travel 4 in 1 Portable Pet Water Bottle Bowl. You can carry around their food and water without having to carry lots of containers.

Price : AED 69.99

2. This 3.7 L automatic water dispenser is very easy alongside this feeder for small and medium pets. It has a great design and food doesn’t stick to it.

Promising Review: “I love it, water comes softly, the best water dispenser”

Price : AED 72.50

1. This beautiful water dispenser / fountain combines both function and an aesthetically pleasing design at the same time!

Promising Review: “Been about a month I have been using this for my kittens. They love it, due to the flowing water they end up drinking lots of water which is a good thing.”

Price : AED 89.00


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