7 Smart Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Futuristic

Noha Hatata

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your life with the latest technology?  Check these 7 Smart Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Futuristic

7. A smart vacuum flask for hot and cold drinks that will display the the internal temperature of the liquid by touching the LED display. The design is so cool and you don’t have to burn your tongue to check the temperature of your drink.

Price : AED 59.99

6. A fancy coffee machine that is also smart! this machine with settings that can be controlled and edited according to your preference!

Price : AED 5,529.00

5. Get your self a a Robot Vacuum Cleaner that will do the sweeping for you! lay down and have a drink while your trusty robot cleans your floors.

Price : AED 2,299.00

4. A sleek trash bin from the future that will make the so-not clean bathroom wastes look clean.

Promising Review: “very good, elegant, compact, I could it in my bathroom and it looks discreet, if I recommend it, the sensor if it captures motion Approx 15 cm away, I have been about a month and it has worked very well”

Price : AED 272.16

3. An automatic self cleaning cat litter box. That includes disposable trays with crystal Litter. Let it do the cleaning and scooping for you so you don’t have to deal with any smelly situations

Price : AED 958.02

2. Get an automated watering device that will water your plants for you for 30 days or according to your preference!

Price : AED 297.44

1. Enjoy an ever fresh home or office with an automated air freshener kit like this one

Price : AED 29.95 (AED 0.13 / Milliliters)


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