Tried And Proven Lazy Mom Tech Hack For A Self Cleaning Home

Noha Hatata


As a working mom of a toddler, keeping up with the house chores are not that easy, until I found this gadget that changed my cleaning game, here is the Tried And Proven Lazy Mom Tech Hack For A Self Cleaning Home!


ECOVACS Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

Imagine kicking your feet up while your floors get cleaned, no helpers needed! It is when I found this robot vacuum cleaner that everything changed to the better.

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Thanks to technology, this vacuum robot mop, with auto-empty station, powerful 2300Pa suction, advanced laser-Based LiDAR navigation, and multi-floor mapping I just get home from work enjoy my time at home and start it before I head to bed.It has presets to avoid carpets when adjusted to cleaning hard floors which is awesome. This mop-bot even has a mobile app to operate easily and choose your preferences. Wake up to an effortless cleaner home!

Price : AED 1,799.00


Thank you technology for making our lives better!



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