7 Cool Looking Phone Covers That You Can Rely On To Protect Your Phone

Noha Hatata

Are you tired of the boring-looking phone covers? we’ve got you! Check these 7 Cool Looking Phone Covers That You Can Rely On To Protect Your Phone

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7. Sharkskin anti-bacterial protective cover will not only protect your phone but will also protect you from unwanted germs sticking on your phone!

Price : AED 79.00

6. This soft cover for Samsung Galaxy S21, is Slim and comes in so many sleek elegant colors.

Promising Review: “I wanted a case that protects my phone without adding much weight or size, this case is good, it fits well, all the buttons are still accessible, the camera cutouts are in the correct place and I like the slight raised edge around the cameras that protects them from scratches, I can hide a debit card between the case and phone, and it’s a nice colour”

Price : AED 29.00

5. An iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Cover, is so pretty and functional. It comes in a light blue frosted design and it has a practical foldable kick stand.

Promising Review: “it’s not think but not very thin as well. fitting and looking are great and it looks like it can provide good protection against accidental falls (not planning to test that for sure ;). The only downside is the weight, it seems it adds a little bit of weight to the already very heavy phone.”

Price : AED 39.99

4. This ESR Metal Kickstand Case is Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, it will provide your phone with needed protection while flaunting the beauty of the original design in addition to the useful metal stand built in the case. It has everything you could wish for!

Promising review: “This is one of the best cover i ever had, and for the price is just worth every penny paid.
Fits the phone perfectly, all holes are wide enough for charging port and for the s pen.
The stand feels solid not janky at all, holds the phone well.”

Price : AED 55.99

3. We love this design on this Iphone 13 Phone Case , protect your phone in style!

Price : AED 14.99

2. Check these adorable covers compatible with iPhone 12 with a Finger Grip. They come in 12 amazing colors!

Promising Review: “Luv this color and very comfortable to used👌😍”

Price :

1. This adorable iPhone 12/12pro Transparent case with  printed little monsters will show the witty side of you while actually protecting your phone.

Promising Review: “Doesn’t matter if plastic or hardcase, all i need is my phone to stay protected. The case fits really well and also it has bit high lips to protect the face or camera zone.. The product is as described. Good and fast delivery speed and good overall packing”

Price : AED 45.90


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