FaceTime May Not Be Available For UAE iPhone Users With The iOS 13.6 Update BUT There Is A Way Around This


FaceTime May Not Be Available For UAE iPhone Users With The iOS 13.6 Update BUT There Is A Way Around This

FaceTime in the UAE… like whaaaattt?! Sounded too good to be true there…

Although the rumours played us good for a moment there, FaceTime in the UAE is still far from reality. Apple’s iOS 13.6 update that released on July 15 made headlines for making the ‌FaceTime‌ feature accessible to UAE apple users but alas, this VoIP app is still disabled by the local Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, (TRA) in the UAE.

BUT, but but but BUT, if you are looking to update your iPhone anytime soon, there is a sweet loophole where you can get yo’self an iPhone with FaceTime pre-installed (that you will not be able to use in the UAE) but sure can use it when you’re travelling abroad.

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All iPhones sold in the UAE have ‌FaceTime‌ uninstalled by default, but not the ones that we’re about to ROCK YOUR WORLD WITH.

5. You can get this international version Apple iPhone 11 (128GB, 4G LTE, Black) that comes with FACETIME, a dual-camera setup and other high-tech doodads!

Promising review:

“The iPhone 11 is exactly as described by Apple. Works perfectly. Size is larger than I’m used to but it’s ok. The colour is beautiful like an icy lavender tone. Haven’t tried taking any pics to test out the cameras yet. No complaints so far.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 2,725.00.

4. Lots to love. Less to spend with this bad boy! If you’re still not ready to say goodbye to the iPhone 7/8 design then this Apple iPhone SE 2 With Facetime (128GB, 4G LTE – Red) is the PERFECT upgrade for you!

The iPhone SE is basically the brains of the iPhone 11 Pro in the body of an iPhone SE, that looks just like your beloved 7/8.

Promising review:

“If you want a top of the range phone, this is not it. There are no bells and whistles with the ‌iPhone‌ SE 2, and it has an outdated design with ‌Touch ID‌, thick bezels, and single-lens camera, but it is a super fast smartphone that’s an incredible deal.

It has the same processor as the iPhone 11 – which is amazing value.
Dual SIM (like the iphone 11)
Wireless charging
No faceID (brilliant – I prefer touch ID)
The phone is not massive like other iphones (which is great)
Decent camera enhanced by the new processor (not as good as top of the range iphones)
Gigabit LTE (like the iphone 11)
Wifi 6 (like the iphone 11)”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 1,776.00.

3. This Apple iPhone XR with FaceTime (128GB, 4G LTE – Red) will make an ideal choice for taking your daily dose of entertainment on the go. It features a fab 6.1inch all-screen Retina HD display with IPS technology that renders bright and crisp images at an incredible resolution!

Promising review:

“Original and precise description, model A2105 Global Specs.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 2,599.00.

2. Who needs 9k+ profesh cameras when you can get this Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max with FaceTime (256GB, 4G LTE, Midnight Green – International Version), that boasts of a 3-camera system, i.e. ultra-wide camera, wide camera, telephoto camera, which work together seamlessly as one to give you an exceptional shooting experience.

Promising review:

“Very good deal comparing to Emax, Sharaf DG or any other showroom and the phone has international warranty and comes with international Version, you may buy the phone from this seller with any second thought worth paying highly recommended.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 4,498.00.

1. Nothing screams DUBAI than a classy gold Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max with FaceTime! (256GB, 4G LTE, Gold – International Version).

Promising review:

I have been using this for a couple of days and apple i am so impressed.
Feels classy, looks classy, battery life is excellent, when your using it, it kind of feels like your driving a rolls royce man.
That’s luxury for you.
The camera is so great.
I am in love I should say with my phone.
After you buy this, please install a 9h screen guard as it is highly recommended and a nice transparent cover too.
Enjoy. Cause you truly deserve it.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 4,544.00.

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