Best Seller Tech Gadgets Of 2022 That You’d Still Want To Get In 2023

Noha Hatata

Some tech gadgets are so good that people can’t quite get over yet in the new year, here are the best seller gadgets of 2022 you’d still want to be in the new year!

 4. Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger:

Snap and Go! Simple and convenient wireless charging; just attach PowerCore magnetically to the back of your phone and watch the charging power flow. compatible with Iphone12 and 13

Price : AED 127.20

3. Smartphone Video Rig with Light, Handheld Phone Stabilizer:

This awesome device acts like a gimbal with added light and attachment to use for your phone or camera.

Promising Review: “The Video rig is absolutely great, It was very useful to be able to dim the light and change the light color. I used it for outside because it’s small enough to take with me in my backpack but also was able to put it on a stative. All in all i was able to use it on all my needed purposes and will definitely use it further.”

Price : AED 246.19

2. A Charging Deck:

Charge multiple items at the same time with this wireless charging station dock for Apple Watch, Airpods, and phones

Promising Review: “Great product! Works with iPhone 13, apple watch series 7, and AirPods all together!

Price : AED 112.00

1. An Echo Dot Deice:

Keep your household connected, use your echo device to connect your household. You can program your device to connect to all the devices in your houshold including lights, sounds and a lot more!

Promising Review: “Loved how simple the device setup is with the Alexa app. I received this as a gift and the installation was mostly self explanatory and easy to install. The device is compatible with plenty of services and is probably the most affordable option for a smart home service.”

Price : AED 189.99